2015 Farm Days Celebration

This year we will feature something for everyone. Since we are in the fiber business there will be working artisans where you can observe spinners and weavers turning alpaca fiber into soft, warm garments. Fiber artisans will also be available to teach visitors the fiber arts basics. Children will have a number of hands-on activities that leads them through the fiber processing to an end product they can take home.

The new shop addition, affectionately known as the “loom with a view”, continues to add to the shopping experience. Here shoppers can interact with artisans working with the fiber from the animals in the background.

NOTE: all Farm Day visitors will receive a 20% discount coupon to be used during Customer Appreciation Day!

The Niagara Alpaca Shop continues to expand its inventory with emphasis on locally produced, hand made and made in the USA. For higher end items we introduced the "Kuna" line from Peru which is a well known, internationally famous clothing manufacturer. These items add such things as winter coats and top coats which are not available from USA manufacturers.

Thanks to everyone who voluteers to help with Farm Days. We could not do this without you. Many thanks to our visitors! We hope you enjoy your visit. For additional information please see the Alpaca Shop.

George and Diane

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